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Wallpaper Estimation

Special circumstances (cathedral ceilings, stairways, etc.) will need a professional estimate.  Exact estimates can be obtained by contacting us, or if a professional will be doing the installation, they will provide this service.

Estimation Method

The first step is an accurate measurement of the walls that are to be covered.  Use a yardstick or steel tape measure. Measure in feet rounding up to the next half or whole foot.  Below is a diagram showing a generic room to illustrate how this estimation takes place.  First, add together the length of every wall that will be covered then, multiply this number by your ceiling height.


Estimation Example
20' + 20' + 15' + 15' = 70' room circumference
70' x 8' ceiling height = 560 sq. feet
560 / 25 = 22.4 single rolls
24 single rolls is how much to order including 5% waste

Divide this figure by 25, the number of square feet in a single roll of wallpaper.  Round any fractions up.  This gives you the number of single rolls needed.  Note that rooms of unusual size or shape, greater than normal wastage during hanging, or other special circumstances may affect the amount needed.  Please contact us or your wallpaper installer to calculate your exact paper needs based on your room geometry.  This method will provide you with an accurate amount of single rolls needed.  Keep in mind, that most of our papers are sold in double rolls, so you will divide your ultimate figure by two, rounding up any fraction.

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