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Cavalier Wall Liner is your one stop shopping source for grasscloth wallpapers,   wallcoverings and lining papers for wallpapering & wallcoverings.

We are the leading provider of handcrafted natural wallcoverings in the world, our team is working relentlessly for supplying you the latest in colors and design.

             Please allow us to be your guide.   

                                                           We offer $5.00 Samples on most products          

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Cavalier Wall Liner  is a service company dedicated to providing quality  materials, best prices, and services to the trade and the do-it-yourself consumers.  Our product range includes wall liner, also known as liner paper or blankstock, non woven wall liner, also known as bridging material, natural fiber grasscloth, non woven textured and hand crafted metallic wallcoverings, wall murals, wallpaper borders, paper and vinyl wallpapers. The company is  owned and operated by Edward and Greta ....... who have been involved in the wallpaper industry for more than 40 years.

The use of wallpaper is well known, so we would like to take this opportunity to give you the reasons for our wall liner and non woven wall liner.  Wall liner is a requirement for many grasscloth wallcoverings.  Its main purpose it to absorb excess moisture from the finish wallcovering and control the expansion and contraction process of the finish wallpaper during the drying process.  Non woven wall liner is designed to smooth rough surfaces for the ultimate application of wallpaper or paint.  Surfaces it was designed to cover include brick, wood paneling, laminate, ceramic tile, cement block, stucco, textured, and damaged walls.

Please visit our "Why Liner?" section where you will find additional valuable information about wall liner, known as lining paper or blankstock to the trade, written by Jim Parodi, a master paperhanger.  Also visit another master paperhanger site and read Bill Archibald version of "Why a Liner". Our "Why Bridging Material?" section, written by Rebecca Schunck, contains basic installation instruction, tips, and guidelines for our non woven wall liner. 

Mission Statement

We strive to provide the dedicated craftsperson with quality products, fair prices, and prompt, courteous service.  To this end, our approach is full time service from order to shipping, in the most efficient manner possible.  We hope to receive and produce quality feedback throughout the order process to keep the customers informed of the entire process. Our motto is "Quality at the right price", and we endeavor to achieve this result.  Most orders ship in 24-48 hours from our warehouse, and each order receives our personalized attention, regardless of it's size.  We do business the old fashioned way, updated to suit the latest in technology.  We hope our ecommerce solution is your answer for a better and more productive way of business.


Here are some FAQ about wallpapering:

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